Cork flooring in Soddy-Daisy

Great flooring is the literal basis of a beautiful home and efficient business in Soddy-Daisy. Albert Pickett Flooring provides cost-effective and attractive flooring options including increasingly popular cork flooring installed by our qualified and professional technicians. Whether you are looking for cork flooring to enhance the decor of your home or to handle the heavy foot traffic at your commercial location, consult with the flooring experts at Albert Pickett Flooring for quality products and attentive customer service.

What is Cork Flooring?

Traditionally, cork flooring is made from the bark of the cork oak tree that is then ground and processed into durable sheets and baked. Durable as well as decorative and suitable for both residential homes as well as commercial locations, cork flooring is naturally resistant to bacteria, mold and mildew and well suited to bathrooms, kitchens and other areas subject to moisture.

Warmth and Flexibility

Add a little bounce to your step with flexible cork flooring that is naturally resilient to the pressure of heavy furniture and any type of impact due to its inherent numerous air pockets making it the perfect flooring choice for high traffic areas. A natural insulation material, cork flooring installed by Albert Pickett Flooring in Soddy-Daisy also provides extra warmth that helps to save on energy costs. In addition, our quality cork flooring includes a polyurethane topcoat that protects from spills and water damage and is highly durable when properly installed and maintained.

Versatile and Eco-Friendly

Easily fitted over a range of other flooring surfaces, including wood or linoleum, Albert Pickett Flooring cork flooring installs well over uneven floor surfaces and is a green flooring choice that is derived from the shedding of the cork oak tree that occurs naturally every 9 to 15 years. We put sustainability first and deal with industry certified and environmentally responsible suppliers to the Soddy-Daisy region.


Although cork flooring can be easily installed over a variety of flooring including its use as an underlayment for ceramic, wood or stone, professional cork flooring installation is always recommended to ensure peak performance and long-lasting results. Albert Pickett Flooring cork flooring is recognized as one of the most cost-effective flooring choices for business and residential homes in Soddy-Daisy due to its beauty and strong resistance to wear and tear. Ideal for hospitals, libraries, gyms and many other busy commercial locations, we fully guarantee all of our cork flooring installations that also include cork floating floors, cork tile flooring, cork wall tiles, cork underlayment and patterned cork flooring.

The Benefits of Cork Flooring

In addition to its quick and easy installation, cork flooring offers a range of benefits over other types of flooring due to its natural resistance to damage from heavy foot traffic and its flexibility that makes it easy on the back, bare feet and also helps to prevent damage to fragile items that may normally break on other types of hard flooring. In addition, cork flooring also absorbs sound, making it an excellent choice for flooring where noise reduction is required. Easy to maintain and affordable, discuss the pros and cons of cork flooring installation with an experienced flooring specialist at Albert Pickett Flooring in Soddy-Daisy today!